February 22nd, 2018

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What is the BIGGEST Challenge You Face in Your Music Lesson Business?

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Meet Robyn Pfeifer & Music Teaching Success

I'd like to introduce you to Robyn Pfeifer & Music Teaching Success. MTS is a similar blog to MusicLessonBusiness.com, although it comes from a slightly different perspective. Prior to creating MusicLessonBusiness.Com, Robyn's site was my main resource for information...

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How to Automate Teaching Private Lessons

Ideally, you want to spend the majority of your time preparing lessons and teaching lessons. Regardless, you know that a good amount of time must be spent on the “business” side of things, in order for your private music lesson business to do well.

Your Local Music Store Staff Will Refer You

Your local music store staff can be your greatest ally or your greatest enemy. It's important to grow and nurture your relationships with them. Keep in mind that they get phone calls and customers coming in daily. If the customer is buying a new guitar, the salesperson might just recommend a really good guitar teacher that they know.

Are You an Entrepreneur or a Private Music Teacher?

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