January 19th, 2018

Email Marketing for Private Music Lessons

Email marketing should be part of your marketing plan, whether you are a private teacher or a studio. Here are a few popular email programs for you to learn about:

Constant Contact

I tried Constant Contact for a month way before I understood much about email marketing. I stopped using it because someone recommended Aweber at the time. Regardless, I have many colleagues that use it and swear by it. More often than not, emails that I receive say, Constant Contact down by the footer. I would highly recommend trying it out.

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact


I used Aweber for about a year. By this point, I had learned a little bit more about email marketing. I was trying to build up email lists for video drum lessons, local drum lesson prospects, and my current students. Once I got the hang of it, it was relatively easy to use. After a few months, I saw my email lists regularly growing.

Learn more about Aweber


After several weeks of pondering, I made the courageous decision to switch to Infusionsoft  in June of 2010.  Infusionsoft is considered to be the top email marketing program available in the world.

This software is expensive, but has helped me increase my income in a few months. Currently, I use to do email marketing for lessons, workshops, performances, and MusicLessonBusiness.com.

Initially, it was intimidating to use, even for a person like myself, who has no trouble with anything computer-related. Once I got the hang of it, I was in love. It’s actually reduced my stress level because it automates so many things.

Infusionsoft goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you are up and running. You’re even assigned a personal success coach to get everything working. If you’re serious about email marketing, I would highly recommend Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft Free Trial

How Do You Market Yourself with Email?
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  • Kim

    I send emails out with my lesson schedule every week to all of my students. When I am looking for new students I will remind them to recommend me and specify when I have time free in my schedule.

    • Mike Veny

      I like that! How has it worked for you?

  • Getting a reliable list of potential customers is so important. Those who agreed to become part of your email list are already "warm" leads, why not put in the work to convert them into full time students?

    • Mike Veny

      It really is. Has email marketing been successful for you?