January 19th, 2018

Who in the Heck Are You Looking For?

Before you begin advertising for students, you need to discover who your ideal student is. Your ideal student is your ideal customer. Then you need to discover who the decision-maker is. The decision-maker is the person who controls the money. In most cases, this is the parent of a potential student.

Before you begin advertising for your lessons, it’s important that you focus your efforts on a specific type of person. Their are two important reasons for doing this.


First, by focusing on a specific type of person, you can become a big fish in a small pond. For example, when I used to advertise on the Upper East Side of New York City, I was looking for children in elementary school who wanted in-home drum lessons and were beginners. I was able to really dominate that particular area. Had I focused on people interested in drumming all of New York City, then I would have been spending a lot more time and money.


Second, by focusing on a specific type of person, you will eventually be perceived as an expert by others. For example, if you are the only guitar teacher who teaches elementary school children, you just might get asked to do guitar workshop in the children’s section of your local library.

Your Ideal Student Profile

  1. Write a short paragraph describing your ideal student. Be as specific as possible. Although this might seem cheesy at first, I promise that you will gain incredible clarity.
  2. Decide on what area you are going to cover. Be sure to make it a small area. You’ll be surprised when you see how much this will help grow your business.

Food for Thought

If every single person within a 10 block radius of your home or studio, knew who you were and what you teach, what kind of impact would this have on your business?

Interestingly, these are strategies taken from people who deliver newspapers. They have their route and their customers know to expect their paper from them.

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  • Kim

    Really great advice here! I would add that you want to target your ideal student because they are your best advertisement to get more of that type of student. I market myself as a teacher that prepares students for auditions and NYSSMA because I know that school teachers and even judges at NYSSMA and students in performing in shows or attending performing arts schools will recommend me and that brings me more students of that calibur.