January 20th, 2018

Know Your Competition with a SWOT Analysis

As a private music teacher or a studio, you aren’t the only business doing what you are doing. In case you haven’t noticed it already, you have lot’s of competition. You’ve got a teacher nearby that’s half your price, a studio that is much nicer, a teacher who has been teaching for longer than you’ve been alive, etc. The list goes on on.

Regardless, it is important that you know who your competition is. When you know a lot about your competition, you can make clear decisions about finding the right students and getting them to sign up.

So who is your competition? It’s best to start by going into Google. Type in terms that potential students might use to find you. For example, I typed in “drum teacher in new york city” at the time of this writing and a few drum teachers in New York City came up (including me) on the first page of Google….it really feels to come up on the first page of Google, by the way.

After you get an idea of who your competition is. It’s important to do a SWOT Analysis.
A SWOT Analysisis a method used to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of you and our competition.

Check out this example:

Me Competitor 1 Competitor 2
  • An awesome website.
  • A heavy bio.
  • One of my students got 100 on both his All-State snare drum solo and drum set solo
  • Website comes up first in Google.
  • Lower Prices.
  • Has credibility because of a popular instructional DVD.
  • Recommended by top drummers in the world.
  • Has written famous drum books.
  • Awesome website.
  • My website doesn’t highlight my teaching.
  • My website doesn’t have testimonials from students.
  • I have no other forms of advertising.
  • Website is ugly.
  • Website is confusing.
  • Doesn’t do in-home lessons.
  • Potential students might be intimidated.
  • Is only available to teach on certain days.
  • Testimonials mostly focus on books written, not teaching.
  • I could easily create more content for my site that targets drum students in New York City.
  • I could restart the Google AdWords Campaign that packed my lesson schedule in 2005.
  • I could write a drum book or film an instructional DVD.
  • Could redo website design.
  • Could come out with another DVD.
  • Could come to me for
    One-on-One Coaching.
  • Could get more testimonials from students.
  • Could raise rates.
  • Could come to me for
    One-on-One Coaching.
  • New York City is full of drum teachers.
  • Most drum teachers charge less.
  • My availability is only in the early afternoons on weekdays.
  • Website ranking in Google could drop, due to poor design.
  • DVD’s could get bad reviews.
  • Might be unavailable for lessons.
  • Books could become obsolete.
  • Might lose students due to traveling schedule.
  • Specializes in only one style.

Notice how I snuck in the my One-on-One Coaching?

I think you get the point though.

Your SWOT Analysis should go much deeper than the above example.

You will learn a lot about yourself in the process.

How do you stack up against your competition?

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    Well I think that my #1 con is definitely that I need a website – I need to get started on that asap! These articles are definitely inspiring me to get started asap!